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Blublets 003.4

What colour are you?

Blublets 003.4

Nut felt sorry for old Dr Heheh. He was alright, really; the other Elders were the problem. Who’d have thought that holding a simple Census could be this difficult?

Dr Heheh had announced that the Census would commence at first light. Every Blublet was to bring their birth certificate and answer a few simple questions. (For instance, Question 1 asked “What colour are you?”)

Firstly, half the Elders couldn’t find their birth certificates, so they arrived late. Then the squabbling and nitpicking started. Osyris loudly accused Dr Heheh of tampering with her birth certificate “no way am I 73 years old! I’m still in my sixties, you must have changed it. You, you… you rascal!

“In your dreams”, Nut thought. How embarrassing. Why can’t they all be like Dr Heheh? He was the oldest of the lot and the only one who fourteen-year-old Nut didn’t want to scold for being immature.

The next hold-up was Mrs Nepyfish, who couldn’t decide whether she was purple or blue. She oscillated back and forth, finally declaring herself to be violet, only to promptly remonstrate with Dr Heheh when he gently reminded her violet wasn’t an option on the form.

Eventually the Census was complete. The Minstrels’ final task was to update the Colony’s Address Book. The Address Book contained the names and addresses of all the Blublet colonies, as well as basic information about their closest neighbours. Nut was fascinated by this. Were all colonies like theirs? Did they too fight so much?

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