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The Taj Mahal


Piggy’s Journal, 09.05.13

Bhaskar told us that before we leave India we simply must see the “Taj Mahal”. Apparently this is a huge, famous temple with a beautiful white marble head located in the nearby city called Aggy.

Luckily we avoided another horrible train journey as Bhaskar’s ellyfant friend Ompati could take us. You see, Ompati’s job was to give lazy two-legs lifts from one place to the next. He lived with a two-leg family who had a contract for Ompati to carry a rich two-leg about in Aggy the next day, so he agreed to take us there.

Ompati was a very fat jolly ellyfant who was lots of fun to snort with. He even tickled us with his snout-trotter! Ompati explained that he liked his pet two-legs, and they were always kind to him. One day, he said, he might want go on an adventure with Bhaskar and his other ellyfant friends to find more of their own kind, but not just yet. Besides, his two-leg family always gave him lots of yummy things.

We arrived at the Taj Mahal just before dawn. And my, oh my, was it an amazing temple! The surrounding garden was so big it took us ages to reach the front door. Trotting along we somehow ended up on opposite sides of a pond inconveniently placed in the middle of the path. This was okay, though, as it meant that we gazed at each other as we trotted up. Puggy looked like a stately Indian prince. I wish that one day I’ll be his Indian princess.

Listen to Piggy reading her Journal!

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  1. That is a great image.
    I was in India for work 2 weeks ago (Bangalore). Didn’t have long enough to head north and see the Taj Mahal.
    Glad to hear Piggy and Puggy made the effort 🙂

    • Thanks 🙂
      Sorry to hear that you didn’t make it to the Taj… Any more business trips to India coming up?
      Well if it weren’t for the friendly Delly-fants, I don’t know how far Piggy and Puggy would have made it…

  2. Taj Mahal , perhaps the most famous gift in the world, given by one who loved his bride so greatly he wanted the palace to be a representation of her. It is thought to be the most perfect design of any building. You are fortunate to have seen it.


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