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Trotting up Mount Easiest

PorcineAdventure20130516Puggy’s Diary, 16.05.13

Yesterday evening we still hadn’t reached Tee-bet, and I was geting bored with this endless trotting. I took a more thorough look at Apple maps and discovered a massive shortcut that went straight over the Himmy Layers. Now, in general, my life philosophy is “why go over a hill when you can go around it?”, but here we’d be climbing the tallest hill in the whole world—“Mount Everest”! And it didn’t even look too big. Of course I immediately persuaded Piggy that we should climb it. I figured such a rampant display of boarly initiative was bound to impress her.

Up we went. It was soo tiring, and soon I started to think it should have been called “Mount Forever-est” as it just kept on going. By lunchtime we were really tired and the top was nowhere to be seen. Nevertheless, we are a sturdy pair of piglets, so we didn’t give up. And sure enough, at sunset we reached the summit.

Yippee! We’re on top of the world!

Or not.

As we finally made it over the lip at the top I was stunned. Everywhere we looked were much, much larger mountains. Apparently, I’d been making a rookie error with the maps program. We’d most definitely not ascended Mount Everest. Instead, we’d trotted up a puny little pile of dirt that was positively dwarfed by the massive mountains around us. Our hillock might as well have been called “Mount Easiest”. Snort!

Listen to Puggy reading his Diary!

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  1. It is much like our life journey, climbing up to find we have not ascended very far. I wonder at the top and what desire emerges at the greater vista. Your sharing has lifted this days expectations of my own climb. Thanks for the post.

  2. Wow! for the painting and wow! for the story too. I haven’t attempted such a big challenge as Mount Everest but I have experienced that feeling of sinking disbelief on reaching a “summit” only to see it’s way, way much further beyond my current position. I wish I could see the view Piggy and Puggy can see – even if it is daunting.


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