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Subject: I know what you’re thinking…


Date: 30.05.2013
Subject: I know what you're thinking...

another nonsense email from our insane piglets, right?

Well, firstly, the smartphone altimeter did indeed read 8,848m above sea level on May 29. So I guess their email has some truth in it.

If the altimeter is correct, that means the phone was at the top of Everest—perhaps it had been stolen? But then how did Puggy send his “eee-mail” yesterday? (BTW, we really should teach them some proper spelling!) Anyway, given the extensive porcine-friendly modifications I made to the phone I’m not sure anyone else would know how to operate it…

Assuming Piggy and Puggy really were at the top of Everest, they must have had help getting there. I mean, remember how tired Puggy would get climbing the stairs at home!

Their summit photo shows humanoid footprints and some strange shadows. What’s more the footprints are in deep shadow, as though someone invisible was standing there… Now whilst photoshopping that would be easy, surely you agree it would be beyond our piglets?

Could they really have met a yeti? Yeti, Bigfoot, the abominable snowman—no one has ever been able to show that they exist… But maybe that’s precisely because they can’t be photographed!

You’re the scientist: I’m talking garbage, right? But then before we found Piggy and Puggy we thought many things were impossible outside of children’s stories So perhaps we should keep an open mind…


Your sweetie

P.S. Remember how they liked clambering up hills when they were tiny little baby piglets? Come wash day, we’d always find them on top of the laundry pile…

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