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Chinese two-legs write like porcines!


To find out what the piglets are writing click here.

Piggy’s Journal, 04.06.13

It was very exciting to discover that we are now in China. Ever since I first learnt how to read two-leg trotter marks I’ve always wanted to come here. You see, I figured China must be the centre of the world. Where it all begins.

Let me explain. I was (and indeed, still am) an inquisitive young porcine.  So how could I not be enthralled by China, since nearly everything in our two-legged parents’ house says “Made in China” on it?

We haven’t yet seen anything particularly amazing in the couple of hours we’ve been here. But we did discover something very exciting!

Chinese two-legs write like porcines! Admittedly their trotter mark characters seem far more complex than ours, but the idea is clearly the same.

So perhaps my hypothesis that everything came from China originally wasn’t so far off the mark. Our two-legged parents explained to us once about evolution. We didn’t quite understand it, but basically my great great… (insert lots of greats) …great great grandmother was probably the same species as our two-legged parents’ great great… (insert even more greats) …great great grandfather. But then at some point everything diverged. Maybe one day our common ancestors had two kids and one of them said “From now on I only want to walk on my hind trotters” and the other said “That’s silly, I’m still going to use all four!”. And lo, the two species became separate.

Anyway, to get to the point, given that Chinese two-legs write like porcines, maybe the piggies above were originally from China? That would explain why our two writing systems are similar.

Listen to Piggy reading her Journal!

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    • The piglets are trying hard to explain the world around them… They want to understand. It’s just that sometimes their little piglet brains come up with interesting insights… 🙂


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