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Piggy, Puggy, and the Tee-Wee (Part 1)


14 June 2013

My sweetie,

Well, the internet is down here so I thought I’d be old fashioned and write you a letter. It probably won’t reach you for several days, by which time the internet will be alive again (and more importantly, we’ll be together again), making this letter—as a form of communication—rather pointless. But I wanted to write you something anyway.

Assuming I can add and subtract correctly (and that we aren’t completely off the wall with their ages), when Piggy and Puggy left us to travel the world they were 164 days old. Today they will have been away from us for 164 days. Never in our wildest dreams (nightmares?) did we imagine they’d be away for so long. I think we both thought they’d be back for dinner on the first day—the only real question being whether their epic adventure would be measured in minutes or hours.

Yet somehow we continue to underestimate our piglets. Since they left they’ve seen more of the world that we have, and they’ve certainly been to many more incredible places (Mount Everest, an underwater city). Piggy and Puggy are really special, aren’t they? They definitely aren’t “normal” piglets. They’re so… incredible. Oh I miss them!

To be continued…

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  1. What a sweet picture capturing the sense of the companionship on the long road, the missing of loved ones left behind, and the worried letting go expressed in the poignant parental letter.

    • Piggy and Puggy miss their two-legged parents a lot… they just don’t want to admit it too often in their diaries, because they think that would be childish and they’re trying to be all grown up…


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