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School trip

PorcineAdventure20130630Piggy’s Journal, 30.06.13

We’re about to leave on a special school trip. I’m so excited! After three straight days of fire-breathing lessons we deserve a break. It’s meant to be fun and educational: we’ll learn about dragon history and culture at the ancient “Heavenly water dragon garden” nestled high up amongst the snout-ains.

I write this lying in the early morning sun by the Li River. It’s so nice and warm. Ivor is late and I keep wishing we could leave without him. I know that’s a bit mean; I like most beasties, but I draw the line when a beastie repeatedly tries to eat me and teases my Puggy.

I haven’t yet trotter marked anything in my journal about the other students—maybe I’ll do that now.

There are six of us. Of course there is Puggy, the love of my life. Then me, Piggy. And, yes, Ivor the evil flap-flap.

Then there are Connie and Ant, both of whom have a bit of a chip on their trotter about “not quite being a dragon”. Connie is a Komodo dragon that looks like a big dinosaur beastie. She’s very kind and likes to tell us jokes, most of which I don’t understand…

(Q: Why did the dragon cross the road? A: To eat the chicken.
I don’t get it, which bit is the joke? I just feel sorry for the chicken. Ivor also didn’t get it; he thought it was scary.)

Ant is a dragonfly, which I think is a type of huge mozzie. I was worried he might want to kiss me, but instead he just constantly plays with Connie. In fact, if I didn’t know better, I’d say they were flirting!

Finally, there is Penelope the Antelope (or was it Penny-loap the Antell-opee?). She’s super fun, always jumping about and tickling us with her interestingly-shaped snout.

Listen to Piggy reading her Journal!

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