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A guide to Dragons: Dragons and Two-Legs


By Puggy the Brown
Suitable for all porcines aged zero and up

In the olden days dragons lived in many places. But over the years they have been mercilessly persecuted by two-legs, and now they are an “in-danger species”, a bit like pandas.

For instance, dragons used to live in England. However a nasty two-leg called George hunted them down and killed them all. Poor dragonsies.

These days two-legs don’t kill dragons, as they don’t know where they live, but they are still regularly guilty of dragon libel. Indeed, a book-maker two-leg called Tolkien wrote a popular book about a dragon called Smaug, which painted dragons in a very negative light. Similarly a recent tee-wee program I watched intimated that dragons love donkeys. I can report this is also false: dragons love other dragons.

However, there is some truth in the myth that dragons like gold; I will explain this in my next article.

The vicious persecution by two-legs has left its indelible mark on dragon culture. Troubled teenager dragons are fond of getting tattoos of two-legs. I think they do this to make themselves feel “grown up”, or perhaps to show that they are “angry with the world”. I met one bright yellow dragon called Lizard-beth, who has a tattoo of a little girl two-leg on her back. As a result she likes to be known as “The Dragon with the girl tattoo”.

Listen to Puggy reading his Piglet-o-pedia article!

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