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Coming of age


Puffy’s Flight Log 07.07.13

Roar! Yesterday I celebrated my “coming of age”—888 days old and counting! The Dragon School finished yesterday (all of the students apart from the grumpy bird called Ivor passed), and we combined my coming of age party with the end of term party at the school. It was super funsie; I had a big cake and I had to light 888 candles with one fireball!

My favourite students are the two piglets. They’re so cute and inquisitive. This morning they asked me why 888 was an important day-anniversary for dragons. I explained: it marks the first time we’re allowed to go on long distance flights. I’m still restricted to the so-called “light load” flights until I’m fully grown (probably another 888 days away, sad roar). But still, it’s so refreshing being allowed to soar far and away from the nest.

I guess we dragons like the number “8”. I’m not entirely sure why. We use 8’s to mark our ages:

  • Day 8: “Consciousness”,
  • Day 88: “Fledging”,
  • Day 888: “Coming of age”,
  • Day 8888: “Mating”,
  • Day 88888: “Journey to Dragon Heaven”.

Puggy listened very attentively and attempted to take notes on this weird shiny white thing he called a “snoutphone”. He told me he wanted to make another article on “Pigletopedia”, which seems to be a piglet version of our “Dragon wall of endless knowledge“.

Then I asked them what they were going to do now. They told me they wanted to go to a place called “Hong Hong“. It’s apparently a two-leg city somewhere East of us. From their description I think they were talking about the place we call “Ryugyŏng”.

For a second I was jealous of them: I’ve always wanted to go to Ryugyŏng. Then suddenly I realised:  now I’ve come of age, I can!

We leave tomorrow morning. Happy roar.

Artists’ note:  ‘Ryugyŏng” is a historical name for Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea. Oh dear.

Listen to Puffy reading her Flight Log

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    • Hmm… don’t know, we’d have to ask Piggy and Puggy about that… At a guess: the old-fashioned way of stamping them out? Or maybe by sitting on them (a dragon’s skin is pretty think so it probably wouldn’t feel a tiny little candle flame, even if there were hundreds of them)?


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