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Titanic moment


Piggy’s Journal, 08.07.13

Wow, and I thought travelling by flying brum-brum was impressive. Snort; travelling by friendly dragon is so much more funsie.

Puffy seemed a little bit nervous when we took off. Before today the longest journey she’d ever made by herself was forty minutes, and she estimated that it would take three days to reach Hong Hong! But she absolutely insisted she’d have no problems getting there… Dragons fly much slower than flying brum-brums, which is good as we’d probably fall off otherwise.

Ten hours later and Puffy is feeling very confident. I wasn’t going to write in my journal today as it’s hard to make trotter-marks mid-air (my hooves keep slipping, especially when we crest over thermals), but I  just had to describe the best bit so far.

You see, one of my favourite tee-wee films ever is called “Titanic”. It’s about a big floating brum-brum trying to swim from England to America. Unfortunately, half-way there, it gets a bit confused and swims into an ice-cube.  Poor floating brum-brum. But the film is really about a boy two-leg called Leonardo and a girl two-leg called Kate who fall in love. It’s super-romantic—or at least it is after I replace two-legs with porcines in my head—especially in this one scene where Leonardo holds Kate up at the bow of the floating brum-brum and she sticks her trotters in the air.

And ooh snort, you can now probably guess what the best bit of our journey was! Snort snort. It was soo lovely.

Listen to Piggy reading her Journal!

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