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PorcineAdventure20130713Puggy’s Diary, 13.07.13

We said goodbye to Sun at dawn. We tried to get her to stay with us. I was sure she could live with me and Piggy when we got home. But she wanted to be alone, to grieve in her own way, and we couldn’t persuade her. So we gave her all the food we had and both of our blankets. Poor Sun. Poor, poor, Sun.

All morning me and Piggy barely snorted to each other at all. We’d both been deeply shocked—we’d never imagined two-legs could be so horrible to a pair of poor, defenceless piggies.

At midday the snoutphone suddenly snorted into life. It made a proud beeping sound, informing us that it had found its signal again. Poor snoutphone. It always seems to forget where it put its signal when we’re in the middle of nowhere. But that’s probably because it too gets lonely and sad far away from other phones. I guess the signal is easily misplaced anyway: it must be tiny as we’ve never seen it, even when it’s supposedly not lost.

I immediately searched on Pigletopedia for information about two-legs eating piggies. I was relieved to see there was nothing. Poor Song must just have been an isolated case.

But then on a whim I decided to search on the googledotcom webplace as well…

I will never forget what I read and saw next. Those horrible images that burned into my retinas.  And then there was the terrible, unbelievable, unspeakable word: “pork”.

Pork. That’s what two-legs call us when they eat us.

To be continued…

Listen to Puggy reading his Dairy! 

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    • Yes… But they came back for her! They knew they couldn’t just leave here there… And now she’s hopefully a much happier porcine on an island full of friendly piggies.


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