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We’ve got each other

PorcineAdventure20130714Puggy’s Diary, 14.07.13

We’re still in a state of shock. Numbed, unable to comprehend. Our world has been turned upside down.

I’d wanted to call home and make SnoutTime with our two-legged parents. They’d know what to do. But Piggy stopped me. She shook her ashen snout and said to me in what was little more than a whisper, “Don’t. Puggy, we can’t… we can’t… how do you know that…?” She paused, and looked at me with her beautiful, sad eyes.

“How do you know we can trust them? What if they want to eat us too?”

I snorted out unthinkingly, “They wouldn’t! How can you even think that?”

“But Puggy, think,” she continued, “why would they hide it from us? They must have done something to Pigletopedia… to conceal it from us.”

My snout dropped open.

“What if they’re planning to eat us when we get home? We’re getting bigger, Puggy. When we get home we won’t be piglets anymore. We’ll be the right size…”

I couldn’t hear it anymore. I curled up into a Puggy ball and snorted out great sobs of distress. Piggy put her trotters around me, shielding me from the nasty, cruel world with her body. “We’ve got each other,” she whispered.

We’ve got each other.

To be continued…

Listen to Puggy reading his Dairy! 

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