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Subject: Please don’t eat us


Date: 15.07.2013

Dear two-leg mummy and two-leg daddy,

Please don’t eat us.

Please, please don’t. We met a piggy called Sun who had a sister called Song. She lived with her two-legged parents who were always mean to her. They never cuddled her and they never taught her anything and they never loved her. And then one day they killed Song dead and then they ate her. And then Sun ran away and then we met Sun and then Sun needed to be alone and we looked on the googledotcom webplace and it said that two-legs always ate piggies and that you called us “pork”. And that…

Please don’t eat us. We love you. We thought you loved us too. Why would you eat us? We promise we’ll be good. We’ll never make a mess of your house again and we’ll never eat all your fruit when you’re not looking. And we’ll never snort too loudly and we’ll always work hard on the English lessons you give us and we’ll never watch tee-wee in the evening after you tell us to go to sleep and we’ll always basically just be really, really good.

Please don’t eat us.


Piggy and Puggy

:& :&

Listen to Piggy reading their eee-mail!


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