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Cruel And Fiendish Operation

PorcineAdventure20130927Puggy’s Diary, 27.09.13

It turns out that North Caroline is larger than we imagined. We’ve been searching the whole day and we still haven’t found any evil piggeries to exterminate.

We stopped at a crossroads to decide which way to trot. Our battle caps were getting rather heavy so we took them off and sat on them to rest our tired trotters. Unfortunately we seem to have grown rather heavy, as the caps collapsed pretty much the second we sat down. Humph. Fat lot of good they’d have been in a battle.

Since my was battle cap was gone, I put on my thinking cap instead. (In case you didn’t know, my thinking cap isn’t a real cap, it’s a “figurative” cap. Since no one can see it I’m guessing “figurative” means “invisible”.)

Some intensive detective work on the googledotcom webplace (interspersed with generous Temple Trotting) revealed the following information.

A piggery is also called a CAFO, which supposedly stands for “Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation”. I’d say it more accurately stands for “Cruel And Fiendish Operation” and here’s why.

The following is a quote from a porcine-friendly webplace written by some nice two-legs who understand our point of view.

Confined Swine1

Industry might argue that hog CAFOs with climate control and automated feed and water systems, are a modern version of hog heaven. But the realities can be hellish: 1,000 to 2,500 animals in a single building, with as many as 20 hogs crammed inside pens no bigger than a bedroom, with no straw, no mud, and absolutely no way to be a pig. A CAFO hog lives out its short miserable life on a hard concrete surface, producing huge volumes of waste, which falls through the slatted floors into a massive cesspool underneath the building before it’s dumped out on the landscape.

Ugh. That’s horrible horrible horrible.  It makes me want to cry. Snort.


Listen to Puggy reading his diary!

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  1. thank you for bringing gentle humor to a horrible reality — maybe people will be able to get to the truth your way. eating animals is beyond disgusting and primitive — it’s cruel and unthinkable. But your way of pointing that out is much better than mine. thank you!

    • Thank you for the encouragement, for your kind words, and for spreading the message your way. (It’s good that there are many ways to spread the message: Different people are amenable to different images, words, expressions of the same issue. Hopefully together we can reach a wider audience…)

  2. Very little humans do is worse than the way they treat piggies! If I could convince one person to stop eating pork I would die happy! It is so awful I just get sad and sorry even thinking about it. If you love bacon or whatever, you should be able to look at every slaughter video on the internet. If you can do that . . .
    A sad and thoughtful Elephant


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