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The barn from hell

PorcineAdventure20130929Puggy’s Diary, 29.09.13

We found it. The barn from hell.

Now don’t get me wrong. Not all barns are bad. Quite of lot of porcines swear by them I’m told: according to Pigletopedia barns are ranked top in the list of “favoured napping places for piggies”. Supposedly a common snort is “I can’t get a good night’s sleep unless I’m in a warm, dusty barn”. Me and Piggy though—we prefer a nice cot in a spacious bedroom in a warm, clean house. But perhaps that’s just because our two-legged parents spoilt us when we were little…

This barn though… It radiates misery. It’s a gigantic plasticy looking structure that doesn’t even look like a real barn. And inside are hundreds—nay, thousands—of poor, imprisoned piggies living out their sad and snortible lives in captivity. It’s the barn from hell, and we’re here to destroy it.

Now we’ve finally found the Piggery we’re maybe just a little bit completely and utterly out of depth. How on earth are we going to take down something quite so big? And as Piggy says, what will happen to the piggies when we’ve saved then? Where will they go?

But at least we’re making progress. The enemy is finally in our sights. We can almost see, smell, and hear the captive porcines; we can almost feel their pain.

We must save them.

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