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At least Puggy is safe

PorcineAdventure20131223Piggy’s Journal, 23.12.13

I’ve made peace with my inner porcine-self. I think Puggy is okay. He was in the front end of the flying brum-brum when it broke in two, and that’s where all the pilot two-legs were. They looked very serious and very professional. I’m sure they didn’t let the flying brum-brum crash. They probably continued flying without its tail and landed safely in America.

The situation was a lot like this once when we were on the way back from Mr Vet, the piglet doctor in our two-legged parents’ brum-brum. Near our house there is a small thin road and as we were driving along it another naughty brum-brum came the other way going far too fast. For a second I thought it was going to collide with us head on, but two-leg daddy has super-fast reactions and he managed to swerve sideways just in time.

However the other brum-brum still clipped us. There was a horrible cracking sound as it went past. At first I didn’t understand what happened but then I realised the other brum-brum had knocked the right ear of our brum-brum completely off!

Poor brum-brum! I felt so sorry for it. It must have been in so much pain. Two-leg daddy was also upset; he angrily snorted a word I didn’t recognise. The moral of the story is that despite the fact the brum-brum was missing an ear we still managed to get home safely.

So I figure Puggy is safe. Tails and ears are about the same, right? I’d probably miss my tail about as much as I’d miss one of my ears.

As for me, I don’t think I’m going to make it. But I’m going to try. For Puggy.

I’m all alone, and I’ve got no food. I’m really hungry. I managed to make a beaker out of a piece of flying brum-brum to catch rainwater, and I converted a bit of a flying brum-brum blanket into a little hat. Two-leg mummy always said it was important to protect one’s head from too much sun.

Still, I don’t know how much longer I can survive with no food. And if a big storm comes I’m surely going to become a deadsie piggy.

But at least Puggy is safe.

Artists’ note: We think when Piggy refers to the “ears” of a car she means the wing mirrors. Though “ears” are clearly a better name.

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