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Puuuuggggggyyyy here I cooooooooooome! (Splash)


Piggy’s Journal, 27.12.13

Weeh! (Splash) Weeh! (Splash) Weeh!

Oh snort, I love riding doll-fins! And Ivor (who is really just a big child at heart) loves doll-fin parasailing.

We were almost in trouble again. After 36 hours of trying to carry me poor Ivor was completely exhausted and could barely fly at all.

He’d taken the makeshift mast from my raft (which was itself made of pieces of flying brum-brum), and held it between his hoof-talons. Then I’d grabbed on and he’d dragged me along. This worked fine for a while but then Ivor started getting tired.

Sadly I’ve gotten rather big recently (I seem to be continually growing, at this rate I’ll be a fully grown sow soon, snort!). And at the same time Ivor has gotten rather thin. I knew we were in trouble when my back hooves started occasionally splashing into the water as Ivor struggled to maintain enough height. By lunchtime today my hind trotters were almost always completely in the water.

I don’t know how much longer we could have made it before he crash-landed. But then just as it was getting dark I heard a familiar sea-snort I hadn’t heard for months! Doll-fins! It was Finlay (Dolly’s son who won the Swimathon in Kumari-La) and Anemone (his girlfriend)!

I was flabby-gusted (as Puggy would say). How could they have possibly found us?

Finlay explained that my hooflet (which was made of special Kumari-La pearls) gave off special sonar waves when it was submerged. Squiggles, the mayor of Kumari-La, had detected these sonar pulses shortly after the flying brum-brum had crashed. He’d quickly dispatched the two fastest doll-fins in all of Kumari-La —Finlay and Anemone—to come and rescue me!

Wowee! Snort, I feel so special. I got rescued by an eagle and two doll-fins! What other piggy can say that?

Puuuuggggggyyyy here I cooooooooooome! (Splash)

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