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What’s this piglet stuff about?

some of the 330 picsDear Followers,

This post is meant for all of you who have come across this blog fairly recently, and are wondering what’s all the piglet-porcine-snorting about. Well…

Piggy and Puggy are two young porcines who spent 2013 travelling around the world. The adventure continues throughout 2014 with 

Piggy and Puggy: Year II

Here is a quick recap of last year (Year I) that we’ll also put up on the new Porcine Adventure page. 

Piggy and Puggy had a rather… unconventional upbringing. They were brought up in the loving home of a young married British couple, Ashley and Liam. Piggy and Puggy refer to them as their “two-legged parents”. Ashley is a biochemist, and Liam works for Apple.

In fact, Ashley and Liam never intended to adopt piglets; they had originally gone to a cattery with the intention of getting a kitten. However, once there, they were absolutely taken with this beautiful cute tiny pink piglet (a.k.a. Piggy) who was inexplicably lying in amongst the newborn kittens.

Piggy, Puggy, and the Tee-Wee (Part 2)

The next day they found an equally adorable small brown piglet (a.k.a. Puggy) in a cardboard box next to a petrol station.

Piggy, Puggy, and the Tee-Wee (Part 3)

Things got even stranger over the next few months; as Piggy and Puggy grew older it became startlingly apparent that they were not like other piglets. They were extraordinarily intelligent, and by the time they were five months old they had learnt to understand “two-leg speak” (we call it “English”).

Piggy, Puggy, and the Tee-Wee (Part 5)

They left home to go travelling on January 1st, 2013 when they were nearly six months old. Their epic adventure took them all over the world, and throughout 2013 we posted illustrated extracts from their diaries.

You can find their daily escapades by browsing the blog’s monthly archives and by buying the ebook (coming soon!). But as far as Year II is concerned perhaps the two most important events from last year are the following:

  1. They fell in love with each other and got engaged in November 2013. They hope to get married later this year.
  2. Whilst in America they successfully destroyed a “piggery” (an intensive pig-slaughter-house) and freed the poor piggies trapped inside. At that point they became determined to use their talents to help raise porcine-awareness around the world. Their dream is for the word “pork” to be struck from the dictionary, and for all porcines to be free so that they can forage, snort and happily live out their natural lives.

About a week ago they arrived home safely. Their two-legged parents had missed them something terrible, and were delighted to have them back. The porcines have grown so much over the past year—in mind and in body.  Puggy even has a pair of tusks!

What adventures await them over the next twelve months? Read on to find out!

P.S. In case you were wondering, in the previous post you were not meant to know who Siouxsie is! All will be revealed in good time…




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