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Piggy waggled her trotters in anticipation


Lunch was, without a doubt, Puggy’s third favourite time of the day (beaten only by breakfast and dinner). And lunch at his two-legged parents’ house was truly special. They’d prepare a sumptuous meal—no, a veritable feast—for him and Piggy, and Puggy’s belly would always well and truly be in belly-heaven. He’d counted no fewer than twelve different fruitsies—including three different sorts or apples—before giving up and focusing on the more serious business of eating.

What more could a boar want? He had Piggy—his love and wife-sow to be—by his side, his two-legged parents nearby and a big bowl of fruit right in front of him.

It wasn’t all absolutely perfect though. Later that afternoon he would have to sit down with Piggy and two-leg Mummy and two-leg Daddy and start properly planning their forthcoming wedding. Of course Puggy was really excited about marrying Piggy, so they could be boar and sow in love forever, but he couldn’t bring himself to understand or enjoy all the preparations and admin: location, outfits, invitations, decorations, snoooort. It made his head hurt. The only thing he thought was important was that the family be there and that there be lots of fine food. Why make a big fuss of it all? And to top it off, he knew Piggy felt the same way.

Clearly, Puggy and Piggy had gotten used to adventuring on their own, exploring and learning their way through the world. All these social customs of the two-leg world seemed a bit constraining. But of course they’d go through with it—they had two-legged parents after all!

Before they could seriously undertake planning however, they had to decide what to do about their real porcine parents. Everybody knew that Mummy-Puggy, Daddy-Puggy, and his siblings Boran, Boren and Boron should be invited. But Puggy wasn’t sure they’d like to come all that way, let alone that they’d enjoy being surrounded by random two-legs, which whilst friendly might seem scary to unaccustomed wild boar eyes.

Then there was the problem of Piggy’s porcine parents. Who were they? Where were they? All they had to go on was that Piggy had been found nestled in amongst some baby mao-maos in a Lost Mao-Maos Home. Obviously Piggy couldn’t have mao-maos for parents. (Puggy had often pondered whether this was actually that obvious.)

In fact, the more he and Piggy thought and talked about it, the more he realised they just had to go and find her parents before they could make any serious plans. It was the only right thing to do. Oddly enough, their two-legged parents agreed and offered to drive them to the the Lost Mao-Maos Home tomorrow. It was almost like they’d expected Piggy and Puggy to suggest this.

Puggy sensed that there was another adventure coming. All afternoon Piggy waggled her trotters in anticipation—excitement was in the air!

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