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companions (man and pig)WARNING: What follows is a sad short story of companionship between man and pig, in life and in death. If you are easily distressed by such stories, please do not read onThis is not part of the Piggy and Puggy seriesI have been thinking a lot recently about the various aspects of man’s relationship with animals and that’s how I came to think of this short story.

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Man and pig walked. The sun beat down on their thin and tired bodies. The land was parched; the moving creatures were parched.  They trudged side by side.

The man didn’t want the piggy, his only friend, to die. He’d have to eat her then.

The piggy didn’t want the man, her only friend, to die. She’d have to eat him then.

The man had an idea. He motioned to the piggy in the direction behind him. Her big imploring eyes told him she didn’t want to be left behind, not even at the price of having to be eaten eventually by the man if she stayed with him. He knelt down and started to open his mouth, over and over again. No words came out, only hot air. He was explaining that the piggy should walk behind him, in his shadow. His skeletal frame made a shadow whether he wanted it or not, and he wished the piggy to use it. Sweat cooled the man; the piggy could not sweat, but at least the piggy could be in the shade. Finally, after the man stood up slowly and pointed to the darker sand in his shadow, the piggy understood. He stroked the piggy and she knew he was trying to help her.

They walked on, man and pig. He ahead; she behind partially sheltered by the meagre shadow.

The man was scared he might not notice if the piggy, his only friend, stopped moving while he walked on. He was worried he’d leave her behind. He wanted to pick up and carry her thin body, but he could barely carry his own weight. He sighed and tripped. Then he lay motionless where he’d fallen.

The piggy nuzzled him with her dry snout and licked his nose with her dry tongue. She could not muster even a droplet of water to smear on his still face. He was her only friend. She lay her body into the shadow of his body, and put her snout to his nose. Their journey continued.

A vulture appeared in the pale sky. As it approached, it saw man and pig lying in the cool shadow of death. The man’s arm held the piggy close. The vulture cried as he ate from both equally.


  1. Very sad but also touching and comforting. This is a story of true friendship both in life and in death. That is a rare thing.

    Thank you for this story.

    • I appreciate your comment and I’m glad I was able to share the story. I almost didn’t for fear of it being too sad for a blog like mine that has mostly happy content…

      • I think it was a wonderful post. It doesn’t hurt to add something unexpected once in a while…especially if it can make an emotional connection with your readers.

  2. A very sad but also lovely moving and heart wrenching tale! I am pleased you decided to show us this post. As I said before, ketchup on toast is tasty enough without the bacon! A brilliantly powerful story 🙂

    • Thank you for saying so… I’ve been reading up on what goes on in the farming industry and it’s heart wrenching to see sows in crates so small they can’t move and then the tiny piglets who’s tails, genitalia, and teeth are all cut off without anaesthetic while they scream and writhe in pain… I can’t see myself eating those poor creatures who are so tortured for their meat… 😦 it makes me want to cry… and it makes me want to write stories of friendship between humans and piggies so that people can feel it to be possible… Snort. Sniffle. Snort… Also, I know Piggy and Puggy support the cause 110%, so how could I not? 🙂


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